This is a timeline of events that occurred during 2016.




Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 012
  • Resurrection of Spider-Man: Spider-Girl resurrects Spider-Man get ready to face Mysterio.
  • Parker coordinate to stop Mysterio's Tempest Elemental, and rescue Gabriel Stacy, Jill Stacy, and Mary Jane.
  • Duel with Mysterio: Peter then gets pulled out of that room through the door and he sees J. Jonah Jameson and he tells him that J. Jonah Jameson would never and could not do this so Mysterio reveals himself. Than they talk but they are about to battle Quentin Beck with ice and Peter with Fire but on the other side of the door Mohinder is trying to keep the door closed and Gabriel and Mary Jane go back to the past and Gabriel says now the hard part starts and it shows him killing Mysterio.



  • Peter returns with Mary Jane, jumps himself and her to a much warmer location.
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