Anya Corazon is the daughter of Roberto Corazon and Martha Franklin and a sophomore at Midtown High School.

She eventually gained abilities similar to Spider-Man after being kidnapped by mad scientist Miles Warren, who had planned to replicate Curt Connors' schemes as the Lizard by mutating people with serums derived of DNA from the animal kingdom, in addition to replicating Spider-Man's abilities. Anya was rescued by Spider-Man, who decided to take her under his wing to help her control her new powers.

Following Peter's apparant death in a final battle against Harry Osborn, Anya reluctantly took his place as the protector of New York, becoming the superhero Spider-Girl.


The Amazing Spider-Man 3


  • Anya's character arc throughout The Amazing Spider-Man 3 mirrors that of Miles Morales' own arc, having gained powers similar to Spider-Man's due to snooping in supervillain schemes and being rescued by Peter, becoming his protege. Also, in light of Peter's untimely death, she becomes his reluctant replacement.


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