The Battle of San Francisco was the culminating battle for the fate of the planet.


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Inside of a space shuttle launch, Riot attacked his Life Foundation members, engaging in the shuttle’s ignition. Riot jumps out of the window get get inside the rocket only to be blocked by Venom. Riot told Venom to get into the rocket, to which Venom said they wouldn’t have the world destroyed by him. The two fought, Venom and Riot fought, with Riot ripping Venom off of Brock, after which Brock then rebonded with Venom. As the symbiotes were reaching inside the space shuttle, Anne Weying used the shuttle to extract the symbiotes from them. Riot was separated from Carlton as with Venom also became unbonded with Brock. As the two landed on a space shuttle platform, Drake fought Eddie in a standstill only to be defeated by him, looking off the edge as his symbiote crawled to him, laughed at Brock for his ignorance of not understanding the next stage of evolution, before being kicked off the edge. Drake was bonded again with Riot, stabbing Eddie, and then leaving for the shuttle. Eddie‘s wound was healed by Venom who used Riot's blade to cut the shuttle, setting it on fire, and killing Drake and Riot.


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