This is a Timeline of events as depicted or mentioned in The Amazing Spider-Man.



  • Adrian Toomes is born.


  • Norman Osborn is born.



  • 13th
    • Rajit Ratha is born.


  • Norman Osborn, age 20, suffers symptoms of an illness called, "retroviral hypodisplaysia".


  • Aunt May begins to make meat loaf for Uncle Ben.


  • Aleksei Sytsevich is born.


  • Mac Gargan is born.


  • Jill Stacy is born.


  • Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson are born.


  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are born.


  • Curt Connors loses his arm.


  • Richard Parker and May Parker leave Peter with his aunt and uncle.
  • Richard Parker and May Parker die in a plane crash.


  • Harry Osborn and Peter Parker befriend each other.


  • Harry is shipped off to boarding school at age 11.



  • Captain George Stacy starts a sting operation to find criminal hideouts.
  • News is posted online about Dr. Curt Connors.
  • 11th
    • Flash picks on someone and tells Peter to take a photo.
    • Peter refuses and is beat up by Flash.
    • Peter Parker discovers his father's papers and learns that he worked with Dr. Curt Connors.
  • 16th
    • Pete goes to Oscorp and meets Dr. Connors.
    • Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider.


  • 7th
    • Peter begins to help Curt Connors.
  • 8th
    • Peter picks on Flash while he play basket ball.
    • Peter works late to help Curt Connors and doesn't pick up Aunt May.
    • Ben Parker dies.
  • 9th
    • Peter Parker is confronted by Flash Thompson who says he is sorry for his loss.
  • 12th
    • Peter goes after a potential killer of Uncle Ben.
    • Peter makes his first costume as Spider-Man.
  • 14th
    • Peter goes after a potential killer of Uncle Ben.
  • 20th
  • "Peter makes his web-shooters.
  • 21st
    • Peter practices his new abilities.
    • Peter goes after another potential killer of Uncle Ben.
  • 22nd
    • The police find out about Spider-Man.
    • Peter chooses what material to wear as Spider-Man.
  • 23rd
    • Peter overhears two guys discussing about spandex.
  • 24th
    • Peter makes his Spider-Man costume.
  • 28th
    • Peter web-swings in his new costume.
    • Peter goes after the car thief.
    • Peter goes home and Aunt May finds out he has been beaten.
  • 29th
    • Curt Connors is forced to begin human trials on the Lizard DNA.
    • Gwen invites Peter to have dinner with her family.
    • Curt Connors begins human trials on himself.
    • Curt Connors chases Rajit Ratha.
    • Peter has dinner at Gwen's house
    • Peter tells Gwen about his identity as Spider-Man.
    • Peter saves civilians on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 30th
    • An arrest warrant for Spider-Man is announced by George Stacy.
    • Peter tells the origins of his abilities to Gwen Stacy.
    • Peter finds out that Curt Connors is the Lizard.
    • Peter goes to George Stacy to talk about Curt Connors.
    • Peter goes down the sewers to track down the Lizard.
    • Peter goes to Gwen's house injured.


  • 1st
    • The Lizard attacks Peter at Midtown High.
    • Peter goes down into the sewers and asks Gwen to make an antidote at Oscorp. 
    • Peter finds out Curt Connor's plan.
    • The Lizard attacks the NYPD and turns them into lizards.
    • The antidote is released into the air and Curt Connors returns to human form.
    • George Stacy is critically wounded, who asks him a promise to keep before dying.
    • Dr. Curt Connors is taken into custody.
  • 13th*
    • George Stacy's funeral.
    • Peter tells Gwen that he cannot see her anymore.
  • 15th
    • Peter Parker shows up late to class and hints that he may keep seeing Gwen.



  • Spider-Man captures Aleksei Sytsevich.
  • Peter and Gwen graduate from Midtown Science High School.
  • Peter and Gwen break up.


  • Harry Osborn returns to New York.
  • Norman Osborn dies.
  • Felicia Hardy is hired as Harry Osborn's assistant.
  • Spider-Man battle Electro in Times Square.
  • Spider-Man battles the Green Goblin, who transformed using a serum.
  • Mattie Franklin kills Anya Corazon.


Publicity still with Andrew Garfield & Zachary Quinto in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 004
  • 25th
    • Peter returns as Spider-Man and fights the Rhino.
    • Mysterio duels Spider-Man, after the Battle of the
    • Battle against Goblin: Goblin is unleashed against Spider-Man, Thus, they form the Sinister Six, with the singular goal of destroying Mayor Osborn and Oscorp. The group first clashes with Spider-Man when they gang up on him at the end of Oscorp. After using a Kryptonite spear against the monster, Spider-Man is subsequently killed by Goblin as well.
  • 29th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 003
    • Peter and Jill Stacy escapes Harry Osborn.
    • Peter Parker battling the Sandman.
    • Peter Parker chases Harry Osborn killed the both bomb explosions.
  • 30th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield & Shailene Woodley in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 002
    • Harry Osborn come back with Green Goblin's hospital attack.
    • Peter Parker tells Anya Corazon in his apartment with Mary Jane Watson.
    • Peter and Mary Jane returns home to find Jill Stacy.
    • Harry leaves Felicia in his Aunt May's House.



  • 13th
    • Peter Parker meets Jill Stacy.
    • Peter Parker confronts Quentin Beck.
  • 14th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 005
    • After seeing a picture of himself with Gwen Stacy.
    • Spider-Man locates Harry in his hideout apartment in Manhattan. As they talk, Mary Jane informs Peter that the police are entering the building. Harry prepares to make his escape, but the police arrive, so he and Peter are forced to fight their way down the stairwell of the building.
    • Harry Osborn escapes from the building, but is suddenly attacked by a mysterious woman in a black cat-like suit. The two fight on the roof, before Harry manages to make his way out to the streets.
    • Spider-Man battles Rhino in Manhattan.
    • Spider-Man helpless Harry Osborn attack by the Water Elemental.
    • Spider-Man captures Jessica Drew.
    • Peter & Teresa Parker's argument with Harry Osborn.
    • Peter meets Anya everheat.
    • Spider-Man battle the Fire Elemental and win, defeating all Elementals.
  • 15th
Publicity still with Angelina Jolie in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 004
    • Parker and Gabriel both tak aim at Jessica Drew.
    • Jessica, as Spider-Woman, goes to the restaurant in Upper Manhattan and takes down the Manfredi Crime Family.
    • Peter and Jill Stacy threat person.
    • Harry Osborn confronted Adrian Toomes.
    • Harry and Peter threat person.
    • Teresa Parker is finally subdued by Quentin Beck.
  • 16th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 001
    • Quentin Beck and Peter Parker finally face off against each other.
    • Peter and Mary Jane is driving to New York City forest.
    • Harry Osborn deflects all Teresa Parker's attacks
    • Jessica Drew furiously battles Green Goblin.
    • Anya and Felicia fight to arrested.
    • Mysterio assult Spider-Man.
    • Green Goblin fights with Spider-Man's flight.
    • Peter Parker falls towards, killing him and destroying the Spider-Man.



  • 17th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 012
    • Resurrection of Spider-Man: Spider-Girl resurrects Spider-Man get ready to face Mysterio.
    • Parker coordinate to stop Mysterio's Tempest Elemental, and rescue Gabriel Stacy, Jill Stacy, and Mary Jane.
    • Duel with Mysterio: Peter then gets pulled out of that room through the door and he sees J. Jonah Jameson and he tells him that J. Jonah Jameson would never and could not do this so Mysterio reveals himself. Than they talk but they are about to battle Quentin Beck with ice and Peter with Fire but on the other side of the door Mohinder is trying to keep the door closed and Gabriel and Mary Jane go back to the past and Gabriel says now the hard part starts and it shows him killing Mysterio.


  • 27th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still 020
    • Peter returns with Mary Jane, jumps himself and her to a much warmer location.



  • 5th
Publicity still with Andrew Garfield & Matthew McConaughey in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Publicity Still
    • Spider-Man takes Anya Corazon for a web swing as she wanted to see how it felt. She becomes scared mid-swing, and Peter puts her down by Madison Square Garden.
    • A news report airs, broadcasting doctored footage alleging that Spider-Man killed Mystero during the Battle of New York.
    • Spider-Man's identity is globally exposed by The Daily Bugle, incriminating him for all of Mysterio's crimes.
    • During the Madison Square Garden, Vulture's wings detonate two bombs, causing widespread panic.
    • Peter returns and fight the Vulture.


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