For a variety of reasons, certain scenes are deleted from movies. Whatever that reason, the scene was good enough to advance from the writers to the actors to the cameras. At many times, these scenes give a more detailed exposition of a plot point, or just give the fanatic an "easter egg" to be enjoyed. Since they provide additional plot points or exposition, deleted scenes are considered canon, unless they are contradicted in the published scenes of a movie or episode. The following is a list of the deleted scenes from various movies and television series in the Amazing Spider-Man films:

The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Director's Cut

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The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Editor's Cut

  • Before the Aunt May's House scene with Harry and Felicia, Peter is sitting around contemplatively. He feels drawn to the red and blue suit again. Sinister music is playing in the background.
  • In this scene, the camera pans from the family picture to the suit case. Peter hesitates, opens the box and reaches for its content with a smile on his face.
  • Then some additional footage of Peter swinging across town in Spider-Man suit, the scenes from the trailer which are missing in the Theatrical Version! Subsequently, a rather shattered Peter tosses the suit in the suit case and makes a few steps forward.
  • Extended Church and Manhattan scenes.


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