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Who would've thought that some of the best years of my life would turn out to be the worst. Ever since I got bit by that spider, life's been one hell of a rollercoaster. Here I was fighting this jerk dressed like a huge bird or a magician dude with a fishbowl on his head, and then a guy made of sand, a guy made of water, a guy made of lava, and a guy made of wind, and so on and so forth. But now here I am, public enemy number one, run out of New York, and if they catch me, they'll probably lock me up in the deepest cell and throw away the key. My normal life is over. I can't be Peter Parker and Spider-Man at the same time. Which sucks because things were finally looking up. But I'm sure as hell not taking this sitting down. Whatever you need help with, MJ, you can count on me.
―Peter Parker[src]

Peter Parker was a high school student who gained spider-like abilities, fighting crime across New York City as the alter ego Spider-Man. Hailing from an alternate dimension, he fought the supervillains Adrian Toomes aka Vulture and Quentin Beck aka Mysterio, but while Vulture was defeated and imprisoned, Mysterio's schemes involved using SHIELD tech to create a machine


Early Life

My Name is Peter Parker

My Name is Peter Parker

Peter Parker was born on August 10, 2001 in Queens, New York City.

Becoming Spider-Man

In his teenage years, he was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave him superhuman abilities.


Spider-Man is called a murderer

After that, Peter started fighting crime in his neighborhood as the masked superhero Spider-Man.

Swinging With MJ

Peter meets Jill Stacy

Parker promise Jill.

You ready?"
"You're gonna love this.
―Spider-Man and Michelle Jones[src]

Going on a monologue about how he kept his identity pretty guarded for the last couple of years and faced a lot of deception, Parker was tired of the lies and had an intervention with his Jill about them dating as a couple. After Parker asked his aunt of the question, he was told that they weren't dating at all, much to the confusion from Anya.

Peter Parker (Awkwardly Heads Out)

Parker awkwardly leaves his room for his date

As Parker was confused from their dynamic, he continued listening to them about how they were going along, with Jill telling him that she's unsure where Hogan was taking the relationship while Hogan was rationalizing that they might have relationship that can grow. Once the conversation grew awkward as it revealed that Anya is stuck at being friends with Jill, Parker told them he has go out for a date with Michelle Jones, departing ways as fast he can.

Mary Jane Watson looking the window Spider-Man

Mary Jane's look Spider-Man

After Spider-Man finished an awkward talk with Jill and Anya, he started swinging over to Jones and got his phone to take a picture of himself web-swinging. Spider-Man continued to swing over high distances and ran on walls of a building, apologizing the workers who were inside of it. As Spider-Man kept on web-slinging around New York City, he got a text from Jones, saying he shouldn't text and swing before almost hitting himself against a bus. After swiftly dodging it away, Spider-Man ran on top of it and continued on web-swinging.

Spider-Man Runs On Top Of A Roof

Spider-Man swiftly continues to web-swing

Going up on a building to gain some momentum, Spider-Man shot his webbing at the top and ran on the side of rooftop, giving him edge to jump off it and dive straight into the air. With him almost reaching the location he is about to go, Spider-Man equipped himself with a web-wings and glided through the city, reaching through a new opening in the former Oscorp Tower. Trekking across the city, Spider-Man went over to the Grand Central monument and landed on a street pole to break his momentum.

MJ & Spider-Man

Spider-Man web-swinging with Michelle Jones

Now on the ground, Spider-Man confronted Jones on the side walk and apologized to her about being late. As Jones told him it was fine, Spider-Man asked her if she's ready, as she accepted before telling her that she's going to love it. Starting their date, Spider-Man swung with Jones across New York, which placed her in a state of heightened fear given the speed. Spider-Man continued on over City Hall where Jones screamed as they were in the air holding hands.

Secret Identity Exposed

Spider-Man (Far From Home)

Spider-Man drops off Michelle Jones in the city

Spider-Man's name is Peter Parker!"
"What the fu―
Mysterio and Spider-Man[src]

After sometime has past, Spider-Man was told by Michelle Jones that he can put her down now, leading him to stop at Madison Square Garden. Spider-Man asked her if she was fine, as Jones told him that she was indeed and admitted to never ride with him. Once the two mutually agreed to never do that again, Spider-Man departed ways with her and perched atop a light post, waving bye as she leaves.

Spider-Man Watches The News (MSG)

Spider-Man watching the news in public

Taking notice at breaking news broadcast from NY1, Spider-Man turned around to watch the outer television monitor of the stadium. As the news anchor Pat Kiernan announced the attack in London, Spider-Man listened to him about an anonymous source that provided video of Mysterio's final moments before his death. As Mysterio talked over in the video, Spider-Man was accused for killing him and staging a crisis to try and become the "next Gabriel Stacy."

Spider-Man Reaction

Spider-Man sees his identity being exposed

When Kiernan went on about having the footage being taken from a controversial online news site The Daily Bugle, the online tabloid's host, J. Jonah Jameson, accused Spider-Man to be responsible of the murder of Mysterio, noting that he'll go down as the greatest superhero of all time. As Jameson went on to reveal even more footage, it went on to have Mysterio reveal Spider-Man's identity, horrifying Parker as he swore in public.


Where is Spider-Man?
The Daily Bugle's Headline[[{{{3}}}|[src]]]

At one point, Spider-Man disappeared after being accused of murder. News of the hero's disappearance begins to spread throughout New York, thanks to The Daily Bugle, a newspaper.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • In the comics, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider that granted him superpowers. Upon the death of his uncle, Ben Parker, due to Parker's indifference, he decided to become the selfless hero Spider-Man.

Behind the Scenes

  • Tom Holland portrayed the alternate version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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