Rumors about Silver & Black


  • Emilia Clarke will have a role.[1]
  • Katee Sackhoff will play Feilcia Hardy/The Black Cat.[2]
  • The studio is currently searching for actresses in their early to mid-twenties to fill both roles.[3]
  • Riz Ahmed will appear.[4][5]


  • Mendel Stormm/Robot Master will appear.[6][7]
  • The Scorpion and The Tarantula will appear as Stormm's henchmen.[6][7]
  • Dmitri Smerdyakov/The Chameleon will appear as Silver Sable's old contact.[6][7]
  • Felicia's father will appear.[6]
  • Norman Osborn will appear.[6][8]
  • Dominic Fortune will appear.[6]
  • Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman will appear.
  • Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter will appear.[6]
  • Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone will appear.[6][7]
  • Charles Standish will appear.[6]
  • Charlotte Witter / Stunner will appear.[9]
  • Sarah Ehret / Jackpot will appear.[9]
  • Cassie St. Commons / Dusk will appear.[9]
  • Anton Rodriguez/Tarantula will appear.[7]
  • Dominic Fortune will appear. [3]
  • Agent Mark Sim will appear.[3]
  • Powell and Klein will appear.[3]
  • Wild Pack members Powell, Klein, Chen, Morty and Arnold will appear.[10][11]
  • Morty is going to be a male in the movie just like his Ultimate Universe counterpart so it could be that Sony has turned to Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man for some inspiration here. [10][11]


  • Seven years after Mendel Stromm (a.k.a. Robot Master) and his two henchmen (The Scorpion and The Tarantula) killed her father, Silver Sable is hired by the government to find Felicia Hardy. The Black Cat, a master hacker and thief, has apparently stolen valuable secret information. She’s hiding in the lawless and dangerous triple frontier area between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Once there, Sable ask her old contact Dmitri Smerdyakov (a.k.a. The Chameleon) to locate her. But it seems, the government are not the only ones looking for the Black Cat. It seems Felicia had made a deal Stromm to save her father from a Russian prison and she’s been genetically enhanced. Now, the mad scientist wants his prized experiment back because his financier (cough Norman Osborn cough) wants a return on his investment.[6]
  • Roxxon Oil will appear.[6]
  • Black Cat and Silver Sable will be part of a team of women that would consist of Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Charlotte Witter (Stunner), Sarah Ehret (Jackpot) and Cassie St. Commons (Dusk).[9]
  • Silver Sable is the main protagonist of the story, with Black Cat more of a secondary player.[3]
  • Black Cat is going to wind up being hunted by Gaunt when she steals something of his using what's described as an “enhancement”. This puts Silver Sable on her tail because the lethal mercenary (here portrayed as a bounty hunter for the U.S. Department of Justice) hopes Hardy will lead her to Stromm, who has been performing some kind of experiments on the Symkarian people. The two then decide to put their differences aside and team-up to stop Gaunt and his cronies, Scorpion and Tarantula.[3]
  • Silver Sable and Wild Pack are tasked with hunting down and capturing Black Cat.[10][11]


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