The Sony Pictures' Amazing Spider-Man Universe is a shared universe created by Sony Pictures. The universe focuses on Spider-Man and supporting characters surrounding Spider-Man. First Sony Pictures doesn't planned to create a shared universe. This universe lasted 15 years between 2012-2027.


Title U.S. release date Director(s) Writer(s)
The Amazing Spider-Man July 3, 2012 Marc Webb Steve Kloves

Alvin Sargent

James Vanderbilt

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro May 2, 2014 Marc Webb Alex Kurtzman

Roberto Orci

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Age of Goblin June 1, 2018 Marc Webb Alex Kurtzman

Roberto Orci

Simon Kinberg

Kurt Wimmer

The Amazing Spider-Man 4: Maximum Carnage August 12, 2022 TBA TBA
Venom: Toxic Rage September 16, 2022 TBA TBA
Sinister Six: Goblin Nation June 22, 2023 TBA TBA
The Amazing Spider-Man 5: Spider Hunt August 11, 2023 TBA TBA
Mysterio: Master of Magic June 6, 2024 TBA TBA
Venom: Revenge of Carnage August 2, 2024 TBA TBA
The Black Cat October 26, 2024 TBA TBA
Agent Venom: Black Operative June 15, 2025 TBA TBA
The Amazing Spider-Man 6: Sandstorm August 4, 2025 TBA TBA
Silver Sable & Ghost Spider October 18, 2025 TBA TBA
Morbius: The Living Vampire June 22, 2026 TBA TBA
The Amazing Spider-Man 7: The Living Vampire November 4, 2026 TBA TBA
Silver&Black December 22, 2026 TBA TBA
The Amazing Spider-Man 8: Multiversity June 16, 2027 TBA TBA
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