Rumors for The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


  • Sinister Six will be in the movie with Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, Rhino, The Vulture, Mysterio and Doctor Octopus.[1][2]
  • Ashley Kafka may return, somehow, or have survived, to become Doctor Octopus. 
  • Norman will become the Green Goblin.
  • Mary Jane will become the primary love interest.
  • Norman Osborn will be the main antagonist.[3], and will lead the Sinister Six.[4]
  • Doc Ock may appear as an antagonist to set him up creating the Sinister Six for the next film.
  • Shocker may appear.[5]
  • J.K. Simmons will return as J. Jonah Jameson. This would make him the first supporting character of a recently established trilogy to return for a reboot series.
  • The Clone Saga may be involved. [6]
  • Adrian Toomes is Oscorp's Robotics Division Engineer.[7]
  • Otto Octavius is the World-Renowned Nuclear Researcher of OsCorp.[8]
  • Venom will appear.
  • The Spider Slayers will appear.[9]
  • The film will focus on Peter recovering from Gwen's death.[10][11]
  • Kraven the Hunter will be the film's main antagonist.
  • Spider-Man's stronger suit comprised of black symbiote may appear in either this film, or the fourth installment[12][13]


  • Andrew Garfield, Dane DeHaan, Chris Cooper, and Sally Field will return.[14]
  • Chris Cooper will become the Green Goblin.
  • Mary Jane will be recast.[15][16]
  • Shailene Woodley will still play Mary Jane.
  • Felicity Jones and Michael Massee will return.
  • Irrfan Khan will appear as the Chameleon.[17]
  • Finn Wittrock is the front runner for Eddie Brock, while Alan Tudyk is the front runner for Cletus Kassady.[18]
  • Andrew Garfield will be Spider-Man until 2020.[19]
  • Anna Kendrick and Allison Brie are up to be Mary Jane Watson.[20]
  • Gwen Stacy will return but as Carnage.[21]
  • Emmy Rossum will return as Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl.
  • CONFIRMED: Emma Watson and Ewan McGregor will be playing the role of Jill and Gabriel Stacy.
  • CONFIRMED: Diane Lane will play Nancy Stacy.
  • CONFIRMED: Jemma Dallender will reprise her role of Teresa Parker.
  • CONFIRMED: Zachary Quinto will play Quentin Beck/Mysterio.


  • Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman may appear in the film.[22]
  • Felicity will appear as the Black Cat.[9]
  • Someone else will take the mantle of Venom.[23]


  • Filming on the film will start in October.[24]
  • Beside the third and fourth film will be release for 2016 and 2018, another film will be release in 2015. [25]
  • The film's release will be pushed back to 2017.[26]
  • The film will be released on May 27 in the UK.[27]
  • The studio is considering shooting The Amazing Spider-Man 3 back to back with The Amazing Spider-Man 4 both due to the difficulty in bringing the cast together and for cost effectiveness.
  • Filming is expected to begin in November 2016.


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